Thursday, July 3, 2008

33 Week Doctor's Appointment

Three weeks ago our baby was in the 35th percentile weight class (underweight compared to other babies). This time the doctor measured him as 75 percentile weight class! His head size measured a week ahead (34 weeks) and the doctor said he will probably be 8 1/2 pounds.

So this could several different things. First, it could mean that baby caught up really well and all the milk and icecream and yogurt smoothies I'm drinking are really working. Second, it could mean that the weight varies so much from week to week that you never really can guarantee what the baby's final weight will be once delivered (I have a feeling that all the amnoitic fluid and mush that's inside me makes a difference in the measurements). Third, it could mean that the doctor is just wrong. The first doctor who measured baby at 35% was a radiologist and had a really fancy ultrasound machine and took several minutes to examine baby. Today's doctor, my personal obgyn, took about 5 minutes and was very quick to say what the baby's new weight was. But then again it's hard to say....I trust both doctors equally and so far they haven't done anything to make me doubt what either of them have to say about baby's health.

Well as I've been told by several ladies who've been through this, even if he ends up underweight it'll be better for the delivery! Right now I''m just amazed at my body weight. Today I finally snuck a look at the scale when the nurse was checking...SCARY....I weigh more than my husband! No wonder my clothes barely fit, even the maternity clothes are getting tight. Sheesh.

When hunger comes in pregnancy, it's odd...I can't think of ANYTHING besides shoveling food in my mouth, so whatever is nearby and handy I heat. I don't have the willpower of when I was non-pregnant to take the time to find something healthy or go shopping or cook something healthy. No wonder pregnant women like having help around the house...if Mom was here at least I would have healthier options besides eggs/dairy products and peanut butter!

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