Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weight & Skin Sadness

Before pregnancy: 141 pounds. Size 11 - 12 in women's and misses. Feet size was 7 to 7.5.

At 9 months of pregnancy: 184 pounds. Size L to XL in maternity clothes.
Feet size is size 9 in flip flops, size 8 in regular shoes.

Skin before pregnancy: Awesome due to months of ProActive and Azithromycin, plus sulfuric
washes (all due to upcoming wedding).

Skin at 9 months of pregnancy: Horrendous stretch marks at bottom of once unmarked belly.
Dark linea nigra (line) that divides belly in half, random spots
from ingrown hairs. Arms and legs covered with scabs from
scratching (from the rash) and face has full blown acne (am only
using soap now since the antiobiotics and creams for acne are no
good for baby)

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