Monday, July 28, 2008

Shopping for baby

We *almost* have everything we need for baby's arrival in less than 3 weeks. It's hard to predict what is necessary and what's just fluff, but I'm sure we'll have plenty of opportunities to find out. :-) Some items we've purchased new, and some items we recieved at our baby shower as gifts. A couple items were found on craigslist. But the majority of items are just used things from friends. So far we've recieved TONS of free baby stuff from really nice friends willing to part with the items they no longer use.

Items we purchased new include a few sets of baby outfits (mostly impulse purchases by baby's mom while they were on clearance in the first trimester). We also purchased 2 plastic storage drawer sets (the kind I used while I lived in a dorm) to keep baby's clothes organized. We got new safari print crib sheets, bassinet sheets, and safari crib mobile. Also, we bought Dr. Brown bottles and a bathing tub.

Items from craigslist include a car seat/stroller system, and a playpen (that will be used when he's a bit older).

Used items include a really nice but rarely utilized white crib, mattress, crib sheet and bumper. There are also two bassinets (one is smaller for newborn, the other one is longer for when baby grows), two nursing pillows (boppy style), a baby seat, parental education books (baby massage, safe parenting, what to expect the first year), a co sleeper wedge, prenatal yoga dvd, a cow shaped rug, plush toys, nursing nipple pads/guards, bottle sanitizer, cloth diapers (not sure if we'll use those), baby carrier sling, diaper genie refills, and TONS of baby clothes/accessories. The clothes I have to emphasize because I stopped shopping due to the amount of clothes we recieved.

Last but not least are gifts from our baby shower, which include baby swings, play gym, bottle warmer, tons of baby clothes, first year toys, baby bank, safety kit with all the trimmings, books, diaper genies, baby slings, etc etc etc. There were also donations to the March of Dimes and gift certificates to BabysRus.

Of course baby doesn't NEED all of these things, it just makes things easier for us... while growing up I didn't have half of these items and Mom/Dad managed pretty well. But back then Mom was staying at home 24/7 and we lived in a two bedroom split level house with little room for superfluous stuff. Even then, I still had more than my hubbie G. For now, I'm just glad that we didnt' go over board like some crazy parents who purchase everything possible for baby and spend thousands on the nursery, only to have things destroyed or outgrown. But that's just my opinion! :-)

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