Tuesday, July 29, 2008

37 Week Appointment

This week's appointment was random and boring. The nurse hooked my belly up with two monitors, one for monitoring baby and one for monitoring me. Then she had me lie down on my left side on the table and handed me a switch type thing to push every time I felt baby kick. She turned the monitors on and then left for about 20 minutes. I clicked the switch every time baby kicked as directed. Nurse came back in and took the results to my doctor. He wasn't too happy with baby's movements, so the nurse had me drink juice. Then she left for another 20 minutes. Apparently that didn't work either, because the doctor told her to give me crackers and water. Another 20 minutes passed while I munched on those and continued clicking the switch for movements. I actually noticed a decrease in movements after consuming the juice and crackers (I swear this baby falls asleep after he eats...I feel more movements when I'm starving). But whatever the case, the nurse came back saying everything was good to go.

(Note: I was not as comfortable as this woman seems in the picture...I was facing a white wall and on my side, plus had to consume liquids and food while in that position since moving while the monitor was on was not allowed).

The doctor had to attend to a delivery so my post stress test appointment was canceled. But I guess that's okay since my pee test and blood pressure were normal, and the stress test came out normal as well.

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