Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Packing bag

So these items are going into my bag for the hospital:

1. PJ's - (Victoria Secret)

2. Going home out oufit (for me) - sweat pants and top (Mimi Maternity)

3. Going home outfit (for baby) - onesie and a sweater set, plus socks & hat.

4. Slippers (cheap ones from the drugstore)

5. Nursing bra (Mimi Maternity)

6. My favorite flip flops (Skechers)

7. Hair brush, travel size shampoo/conditioner, makeup bag, contact lense case.

8. Medicine (my usual array)

9. Book, DVD (not sure which ones yet!)

10. Socks

Things to grab last minute: glasses, cell phone charger, G's laptop (hehe), camera.


Sraikh said...

Oh remember to ask for laxative after the delivery. Or bring some yourself.

I found my lips very dry afterwards and had to go buy a chapstick.

Ohh buy disposable underwear. Especially in the first 10 days, you just throw them away. I think you will find special maternity ones as well.

I know you didnt ask for it, but I thought I will throw that in myself..:)

PS: Install the car seat soon :)

Me said...

Hehe you are right - we installed the car seat today actually.

Hmm I didn't think about the disposable underwear...do maxi pads work just as well?

M D said...

Hi, while I was reading your blog, I was wondering about the things to bring for labour. And voila, it was right at the following page of the blog!
I'm 33 weeks now and i'm counting down the days;)