Saturday, September 13, 2008

100th post and Birthday

This is my 100th post...yippee! I also turned 29 today...woot woot one year away from the big 30!

Let's see...what have I accomplished in 29 years? How about a fun list?:-) Time to brag and remind myself of what else I need to finish before turning 30! (This list could be VERY long, if you add all my failures, missteps, and learning we'll just keep it simple).

1. Bachelor's of Science in Bio/Chem

2. Juris Doctor (JD) of Law (finished law school)

3. Admitted to the Washington State Bar

4. Got married.

5. Had a kid.

Before next September I want to pass the patent bar exam. I don't have any other goals, but I could easily add finding a job and losing 30 pounds of pregnancy weight here. I'm going to play that by ear, right now I'm in my first month post partum so it's hard to think that far!

One year ago I would never have guessed I would be living in a house with my CHILD, hubby, and mother in law. Ack!

We had a low key day for the birthday. I went to the temple with my mom in law (more for her than for me) and then had lunch at home. Later G took me for a couple's massage at a spa in was relaxing, post partum you definetly need a massage! Thanks to the silly goose hubby for the gift! Muah I love you.

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