Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I was talking to a friend yesterday and she was surprised (or shocked) that I let Om's grandma (my mom in law) take care of Om so much. She gives him his daily sponge bath/oil massage and then the weekly bath once his casts come off, then she feeds him twice in the morning and does her daily prayer with him in her arms, then has him listen to her religous chanting music (bhajans) with her. This all happens until 11 or 12noon, then I take over while she prepares lunch. The rest of the afternoon I mess around with Om until his Dad comes home, then we all pitch in to take care of Om. Needless to say we are all his servants. :-)

Anyway, back to my point...my friend was surprised that I "allowed" someone else take care of my baby so much. Today, for instance, I studied in the afternoon so Om was with Grandma almost all day (until 6pm). I guess I'm missing that posessive feeling...I really don't mind if Om's grandma takes care of him so much, as long as I get some time in the day with him (I already spend 5 nights a week with him since I'm on night duty).

Is it wrong to not be territorial about one's kid? I don't mind at all if Grandma or his Dad take care of him. Most kids figure out who Mom is anyway, especially if they breastfeed. I like having some time during the day to sleep, and now with my patent exam still pending I like not needing to put him in daycare so that I can go study for a few hours.


Kathryn said...

I think it sounds ideal and wonderful. :-) Having a whole family loving on a baby sounds like a surefire way to have a contented, happy kiddo. And keeping Mama sane in the process - and allowing for personal study time? Total icing on the cake. Go you!!

Me said...

:-) Thanks...yes sanity is key.

But I do miss the privacy of just living with my hubbie. Sigh I guess there are some sacrifices one has to make!

Priyanka said...

Hey me, I don't understand why your friend was so surprised. Grandmas simply ADORE their grand kids and they take such joy in taking care of the little ones. Infact your baby is lucky to have so many people pampering him!

Mama - Mia said...

i think its perfectly alright to not feel territorial or whatever else! :)

just the way its okay NOT to feel terribly guilty about going to work! i keep getting asked why i am now coming up with heart wrenching sobs everyday! :p

its awesome that you managing things so well! :)