Sunday, September 28, 2008

Famous People born with Club Feet

Olympic goldmedal iceskating champions, football and baseball stars...

(From Wikipedia):

Many notable people have been born with club foot, including the Roman emperor Claudius, the poet Lord Byron, statesman Prince Talleyrand, Civil War politician Thaddeus Stevens, the comedian Damon Wayans, actors Gary Burghoff and Dudley Moore, footballer Steven Gerrard, mathematician Ben Greenberg, and film director David Lynch.[citation needed]
Kristi Yamaguchi was born with a club foot, and went on to win figure skating gold in 1992. Soccer star Mia Hamm was born with the condition. Baseball pitcher Larry Sherry was born with club feet, as was pitcher Jim Mecir, and both enjoyed long and successful careers. Pittsburgh Pirates infielder Freddy Sanchez cites his ability to overcome the defect as a reason for his success [7]. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman also overcame the condition en route to a Pro Football Hall of Fame career. Josef Goebbels, the notorious Nazi propaganda minister, had a right club foot (possibly incurred after birth as a complication of osteomyelitis)[8], a fact hidden from the German public by censorship. Because of this malformation, Goebbels needed to wear a leg brace. That, plus his short stature, led to his rejection for military service in World War I.


veggie belly said...

Venu, great blog and cute pictures! Congratulations! I guess I dont have to ask you how motherhood is; ive just read all about it here! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

David Matkin said...

Nice little blog. Hope your little one is doing well Venu! I'm an adult with club foot and I sure hope your little one does not go through what I have. I like the list of celebs you have. I've just launched a fundraising event for a charity - to be chosen by supporters but includes Steps as an option ( here is my go fund me page that explains more All the best David

Priyanka Nadig said...

Great article. I am a mother of a 16 weeks fetus and my baby is diagnosed with a club feet.
Although extremely disappointed with the scan results, your article gives me a ray of hope.
Thank you!