Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One month old baby cakes

" Yo what's up later there's a party in my playpen, you should drop by...byob (bring your own bottle)"

"What is this nasty stuff Grandma is feeding me? I know I have a tummy ache but dang this stuff stinks! Thank goodness now Mom has to drink the stuff so that I get it by proxy."
(BTW it was fennel seed water...ajwain in Hindi...yeah yeah we aren't supposed to give baby anything besides milk but his grandma insisted)

Pondering life on Mom's chest. Lots to think about and analyze.

Little chipmunk passed out on a blanket...too cute.

"Need to have a serious talk with Mom about her choice of wardrobe for me."

"This is what I wore on my birthday, it was a gift from my uncle Varun." (who doesn't read this blog).


kathryn said...

hehe, I love the goofy hat.

Adriana said...

hehehe pondering and analyzing the whole. already?! :P Thanks for posting a picture of Om in the shirt I got him. :)

Me said...

I like the hat too. :-) I wish I could find more goofy stuff for him to wear!

Of course my kid will analyze hehe...you are welcome, thanks for the cute onesie!

Priyanka said...

Such Adorable pics!!

Anonymous said...

You have a gorgeous child :)
God bless!

Neeraj said...

Hey. This is the Husband@Munchkinblog. Om is a super-cute kiddo. God bless!

His pondering pic was awesome. What have you been reading to him anyway!!??