Sunday, September 7, 2008


Update on Om:

Om is now 3 weeks old. He is still adjusting to a sleep schedule. Today, for instance, he has only slept in small fits. Otherwise he demands to be held and rocked to sleep.

He has oohed and aahed a little bit, but is very alert and watches the surrounding scenery. Yesterday evening we took him shopping and then to a friend's house for dinner. He was extremely aware of everyone and everything. I think he gets a bit too stimulated at times, because the remaining night he slept very little.

His feet are doing better, but the casts annoy the little guy. Tomorrow will be his 3rd casting. Last time he cried bloody murder, and wouldn't even take the bottle. A nurse showed up with a binky and sweet gripe water, which he took for a little while before spitting it out. I can't bear to see him cry that hard, but I think he's a bit of a drama queen. He cries equally hard with the casts as he does when we check his temperature! Sheesh.

I'm also don't know what to do about his gassiness. He kicks his feet and arches his back, and spits up, then cries. I've tried adding Gas X to his formula and breastmilk, but it doesn't seem to change his behavior that much.

Update on his parents:

Mom got a much needed sleep break this weekend. G spent Friday and Saturday night with Om while I slept a straight 8 hours. It was GREAT to sleep through the night without needing to get up. However I still need to find some "me" time...sleeping is great, but spending all the waking hours on baby, watching whatever everyone else watches (which is either sports or desi television), and small household chores gets a bit old. I am blogging while simultaneously rocking baby with one hand (he's been moody). Mom in law managed to go out for a walk and socialize a bit, plus watched our wedding videos and do her daily pujas. She has been a great help, making most of the meals. Dad went out for 4 hours to the gym and shopping, plus watched his games and worked from home. I have managed to do one load of laundry, but our bedroom is still needing some serious organizing, which I wanted to do today but oh well. Otherwise I have been bound to the living room with baby, pumping and feeding and doing small kitchen chores. I have managed to check email and chat with my sister in law. Otherwise I am still sitting here without a shower at 8pm. I wanted to go out for a run and get some excersise, but oh well. Maybe tomorrow....but tomorrow is full of baby's doctor appointment, then the maid (thank god I hired them, I don't care how much it costs!) is coming at 2pm and I need to follow her around the house while she works.

Goals for this week:

I want to get out and start excersising.

I want to re-open my books for the patent bar and continue studying. Even if just for a little bit.

I want to get rid of Om's infection in his mouth...that requires diligent application of his medicine, 4 times a day. He gets extremely cranky each time it's applied, so it has to be timed just right.


Anonymous said...

In my opinion, there is nothing you can do for baby's gas. It's called the 4th trimester for a has super immature digestive system...EVERY BABY does! Adi was the same as were all the other babies in my hospital class. Speaking of that, you should go to it. It's free from 0-3 months and many women who had babies at Overlake come to the class at Evergreen. It is AWESOME and totally saved me along with educating me a ton!!! You'll get every question you have answered and learn that all the other women have issues just like you do...and sometimes they're way worse off so it makes you feel better. :) I still go and can't imagine not going! ~sabrina

Me said...

thanks for the advice! argh i hate infant gas, they cry each time they push it out