Thursday, September 25, 2008

Does breastfeeding increase appetite?

It's either that or the prescription medicine I've been taking to increase the milk supply.

(Do not assume from the title of this post that Om's breastfeeding has been extremely successful...we are still working on it, right now he just uses the brown eyes for between-meal snacks and soothing himself to sleep. Oh well.)

I packed up all my clothes so that I wouldn't get depressed looking at them. Few items remain in my closet that fit, but I am still finding stuff on a daily basis that I have to put in the "wait until 30 lbs lost" pile. Keep pondering joining weightwatchers again.

I highly doubt I'll lose weight with breastfeeding like many women do. As with most of my pregnancy experiences, I'll probably be in the small percentage of women who GAIN or maintain their weight and lose it after their babies are weaned.


Anonymous said...

I think its freaking myth. I joined a parenting board when I had my 3rd child, and I know some of the women had super babies who sucked up their mommy's fat along with the breast milk. These 2 women are becomes o skinny and yet they didnt do anythin.Lucky!!

I didnt gain weight while BF but I didnt lose either. And I tried doing the gym and watching my food intake. I lost about 20 lbs and then stopped which didnt help one but since I needed to lose 60.

It was only after I stopped BF and the baby turned 1 that I started my whole routine again.

Now my youngest is turning 2 and I am somewhat happy with how I look

Anonymous said...

waah! me too,me too!