Saturday, March 29, 2008

Alien Baby wants out!

This video below is FREAKY. We haven't felt our little parasite just yet, they say with first baby and if the girl is not rail thin you don't feel kicking until after 20th week. We are hitting our 20th week far I've had random vibrations and bubbles but that could easily be attributed to...ehem...gas.


Sraikh said...

The first movement is so special. When is your 20 week u/s? Do you have names picked out?

PS: Did I tell you my sis is in Lynwood WA?

Me said...

Sorry I didn't respond earlier! I've somehow changed my settings so don't get notified as much abt 20 wk is tomorrow! Cool ur sis lives here? I dunno where lynwood is though, but if it's close to bellevue you should look me up!