Thursday, March 27, 2008

Moving and cooking (updated)

*** Okay so from now on the posts will be more POSITIVE and if I really want to rant and rave, I can post on another blog, this one will be solely for pregnancy and light hearted daily issues (fingers are crossed...I can't help venting!) but I've left this post here and just shortened it a bit ***

So we are trying to find a home to rent and move into possibly within the next couple months. We've looked at a few, and G preferred homes near his workplace. I really don't care where the location is, but I liked one particular home slightly far away from his workplace. It isn't terribly far, and the neighborhood is gorgeous and the home is incredibly sunny and bright. Plus, we would get to "practice" living more than 5 miles away from work...if we decide we can't handle it, we can always end our lease after a year.

I also had previously thought that G wanted to stay close to work so that in the event of a baby emergency he would be able to show up on a moments notice. This makes sense to me...He would also get to pop in and see baby and me more often during the initial newborn months. However, I've discovered the REAL reason G wants to stay close to work....and it all boils down to FOOD. (insert rolling eyes facial expression here)

And he admitted this fact, so it's not like I'm just coming up with it out of thin air. His mom will be here after the baby is born. His mom cooks Indian dishes almost daily. If he is close to work, he can pop in for lunch and eat his mom's food every single day. Living close to work has nothing to do with spending time with his new wife, or new baby, or even his mom for that matter...but it has everything to do with his craving for home cooked food.

He never comes home for lunch while it's just lil' ol me in the apartment, apparently because I don't cook lunch daily (I often just heat up easy stuff or make something quick). Here I am, thousands of miles away from my parents and home that I was used to...trying to adjust to a new marriage and a new pregnancy, and G would rather eat at work than come home (right now we are renting just minutes away from his work). I find this amusing now actually.

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Sraikh said...

Thats how men think..with their stomachs