Thursday, March 6, 2008

Morning Sickness Cause?

I haven't been sick in the morning for a week so far, which is GREAT. I think it was partially because I forgot the prenatal vitamins during the trip to Minnesota, so I was without for a week. Those things are instead I've decided to take normal vitamins or the generic store brand vitamins that don't contain all the weird seaweed and odd ingrediants that claim to help baby's brain. If I am up for it, I'll try taking the Rx prenatal vitamins during the day instead of night time (night time equals morning worship of the toilet bowl), but then I'm afraid I'll end up in the bathroom all evening.

But morning sickness did make the toilet a lot cleaner for a couple weeks (Of course I have to disinfect and wipe it after each incident!!).

And I haven't lost ANY weight due to morning fact I've GAINED a ton despite vomiting up breakfast for a while. This is probably due to a combination of my thyroid issues and the fact that I don't deprive myself of anything during these months. The amount of food I consume now in the afternoon is scary...Earlier I was a soup for lunch gal, now it's sandwiches with full cheese or dressings, pasta, sardines (don't ask), and full fat yogurt served up with sugar. Oh and dont forget icecream.

It's slightly depressing to view current photographs of myself...Just a few months ago I was 10 to 15 lbs lighter, running, excersising, healthy with loads of energy (how else could I have planned a destination wedding and 2 month trip to India?). I'm counting on taking after my mother...her weight bounced back after both pregnancies.

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Sraikh said...

Morning sicknes is no fun. I had it the worst with my 2nd pregnancy. Non stop puking until I was almost 16 weeks preggo. Ginger ale and 7 up were my best friends. Also try sweet and sour dried plum, that you can find in the Asian store. I look forward to reading more updates :)